Nude Tips and Guidelines

  1. Try to schedule nude/lingerie/fitness shoots when your monthly visitor is not visiting or soon to be visiting. If your body isn’t at it’s peak, you won’t be happy with these photos.
  2. DO NOT wear your bra or panties at least 12 hours (or as long as you can) before the shoot. Your skin will thank you. Wear a loose top and loose pajama pants or sweatpants (without tying the drawstring).
  3. Walk around without your clothing or underwear for several days beforehand. Walk by the mirror and admire the view. Practice posing. You are a beautiful person. Claim it.
  4. Try to avoid sitting on highly/heavily textured surfaces for several hours before the shoot. Again, your skin will thank you.
  5. I will provide a body cream to even out your skin tone and sheen (if necessary).
  6. Do your makeup as if you were premiering a movie in Hollywood. Be sure it is fully blended, and there is no obvious break in the makeup and the rest of your skin.
  7. Do not be offended if I look at your body in a “weird” way.  I am trying to remember and map the blemishes and freckles.
  8. Please do your nails. Full on polish, fingers and toes. This is a great time for a mani/pedi. Choose a bright color that isn’t red, orange or yellow.
  9. Please choose a bold lipstick. Not necessarily bright, but bold. Purple, blue, maroon or green are good choices. Try to coordinate lip and nail color.
  10. Accessories are encouraged. A necklace (or two) is good to bring to accentuate your body. Also, rings (especially wedding rings) are a great choice.
  11. If you wax, please do so 3-5 days beforehand to reduce skin irritation.
  12. Shave the morning of or evening before your shoot. Be sure to moisturize as normal.
  13. Drink an extra glass or two of water each day leading up to the shoot. This will help your skin maintain a natural, healthy appearance.
  14. Please do NOT use self tanners or bronzers. Also, avoid spray tans. Regardless of how well they are applied, there will be splotchiness and streaking in the photos due to the product composition.
  15. If you whiten your teeth, this should also be done 5-6 days ahead of the shoot.
  16. Relax. You are much more bold when you are relaxed.
  17. You are ready for this. Own it!