Pre-Session Checklist

Here is a simple checklist to help you not forget anything important for our session.

1 Week Prior to Session

  • Don’t make any appointments for 4 hours after your session is scheduled to start.
  • Buy what shows off your assets and hides your problem areas.
  • Get a friend you trust to help you choose your outfits, at least 3.
    (You are looking for an OMG or a wow face from them.)
  • If you are going to wax or tan for your session do it at least 3 days before.
    (and if tanning, no tan lines please)
  • Make an album of poses you like.
    (if you see a picture that interests you, save it and show it to me, I will try to recreate it for you)
  • Make a playlist of music.
    (I have my own music, but each person has their own tastes and bottom line is this session is for you, not me)
  • Arrange childcare for your children.
    (My studio is not child safe, I cannot watch your children for their safety while I am busy photographing you.)

The Day Before the Session

  • Manicure, Pedicure & Eyebrow grooming.
  • Pack your outfits, shoes and jewelry.
    (I have some jewelry, but shoes I can’t stock every size in every style)
  • Get plenty of rest.
    (tired can’t be photoshopped)

The Day of the Session

  • Fix your hair up. (Unless HMUA is arranged for your shoot)
    (I do have a vanity table for doing special things with your hair if you want while here)
  • Bring hair and makeup tools with you.
    (Unless HMUA has been arranged prior)
  • Arrive Early, or give me notice if you are running late.
  • Bring a friend for moral support, and comfort.
    (besides you can always have your friend collaborate too)
  • If you want to do an outdoor photoshoot, wear walking shoes to wear while walking to locations.
    (we can carry your photo shoes to the location)
  • Don’t be shy, these pictures are for you, Anything you can think of, I will do for you.